WallPaper Calculator

How much wallpaper do I need?


Select the wall (or walls) you’re planning on decorating. Pick your wallpaper, and make sure you know the coverage of one roll. Most of our peel and stick wallpapers cover 28.18 square feet, however that varies from product to product. We’re going to use this cozy living room for our example, and we’re going to decorate it using our Aztec Peel and Stick Wallpaper which has a coverage of 28.18 square feet.

Calculating How Much Wallpaper You Need

Pro tip – To make sure you’re getting a wallpaper that you are 100% sure you’ll love, try sampling! You can order sample sizes of any peel and stick wallpapers in our collection to try out on your wall before committing to a full purchase.


To find the square foot area of your wall, you’ll need to measure the height and width of the wall. This accent wall is 8 feet tall and 9 feet wide.

Measure Your Wall For How Much Wallpaper Do I Need


Figuring out how much wallpaper you’ll need is quite simple. Just use this simple calculation:

(Width x Height) ÷ Roll Coverage = Number of Rolls

Now that we know the calculations, it’s as simple as plugging in your numbers. We know that the wall is 8 feet tall and 9 feet wide, and we know that one roll of our chosen wallpaper cover 28.18 square feet, so the equation now reads:

(9 feet x 8 feet) ÷ 28.18 square feet = 2.6 rolls

If you have a large doorway or window in your wall, simply calculate the square foot area of the window or door in question then subtract it from the wall area. Here’s what the equation would look like this:

(Wall Sq Ft - Window & Door Sq Ft) ÷ Roll Coverage = Number of Rolls

However, if you only have one or two, standard-sized windows or a single door in the wall you’re decorating, we would recommend calculating it the same way you would a blank wall. That way, you are sure to have enough wallpaper to complete the full space. 


As per our calculations in the previous step, we know that we need 2.6 rolls to cover this wall. However, you can’t just order a partial roll, so you’ll need to round up and order at least 3 rolls.

Pro tip  If you are new to peel and stick wallpaper hanging, we would also recommend that you add an extra roll to your estimate to make sure you have enough to cover any beginner mistakes. (Don’t worry; we all make them!) It’s also good for pros to have that comfort of mind to order an extra roll. In this case, we would recommend ordering 4 rolls.

Incase you still need help, feel free to contact us with the dimensions of your walls and we should be able to provide you the details.